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About the Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association

The Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, Ontario.

The association’s scope includes foreign accreditation, fraud prevention, ongoing professional development, and discipline for unprofessional and dangerous conduct.
Our goal with respect to alternative medicine is to ensure that only the finest quality of services, with the utmost professionalism is provided to patients within Ontario. We manage to do so by employing a Board of Directors, who review and critique the professional conduct of all of our members. We strive to influence practitioners of alternative medicine in Ontario in furthering their education and delivering a high-quality and ethical service to their clients. We also have an active complaints and disciplinary process, which addresses the concerns of dissatisfied patients.

History of the Association

The Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association was founded in early 2005 by a small group of practitioners. On November 30th, 2007, the association was officially recognized for meeting the criteria of the City of Toronto’s list of approved Professional Holistic Associations (PHS).
The association was then listed in the Toronto Municipal Code: Chapter 545, Appendix L. The association’s member list expanded to include various practices over time, including chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathy, and therapeutic massage. The association currently regulates the professional conduct of over 100 practitioners of alternative medicine within Ontario.
The Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association looks forward to welcoming individuals with extraordinary scientific and medical abilities.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners DO(MP) vs. Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.)

In Canada, osteopathic education and training can only be obtained through a Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice (DO(MP)) Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) degrees, education, and training are unavailable in all of Canada.

The only notable difference between D.O. and DO(MP) licensed practitioners is the authority to prescribe medication or perform surgery. DO(MP) licensed practitioners cannot prescribe medication or perform surgery. However, they may assess and treat patients using an Osteopathic philosophy and manual techniques, just like D.O. licensed practitioners.


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