Membership Dues

Members are required to submit their annual membership dues on time.

As we send insurers an updated membership list regularly, members who fail to submit their dues on time will not be included on the list.


You are required to upgrade your education by taking at least two seminars a year. This is in accordance with your OOAMA membership and your status as an approved practitioner with our affiliate insurers.

The seminars provided by the OOAMA fulfill this requirement, and can be found here.

Recognition with the Great-West Life Assurance Company

We are in the process of obtaining recognition with the Great-West Life Assurance Company.

As recommended by the Ombudsman for Health and Life Insurance, you may advise your patients to address their complaints and concerns about denied claims directly to the Ombudservice for Health and Life Insurance. They can be reached at (416) 777-9002 or 1-888-295-8112.